Asian American Gas, Inc. (AAGI) is a young, energetic, and fast-growing company with over 10 years'''' experience in China coalbed methane industry. Its precedent company, CBM Energy Associates, entered China in 1994. Continuous efforts have been made since then in Shanxi , Northeast China and other areas in coalbed methane exploration, development, and production with a number of milestones left behind. The 1st MLD well in China CBM industry was successfully planned, drilled, tested and completed by AAGI, with a record daily production till now. It is not only AAGI''''s milestone, but also an unforgettable page in China CBM industry development. With the track record made, AAGI, in its 5-yr strategic plan, endeavors to continuously be the leader, with world-class, China-specific development and production standards. OUR VISION In partnership with the Chinese Coalbed Methane (CBM) industry, strive to establish the largest and lowest-cost CBM Company here in China . OUR MISSION Through our unremitting efforts in China , seek to operate the most efficient, most productive, and lowest-cost CBM projects, to contribute to the growth of China CBM industry, to always conduct our business with integrity and with an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental excellence. CORPORATE CULTURE: Friendly teamwork with a cross-cultural flavor Results-driven, flexible in thinking & approach Grow with the company in value o Exciting career path o Competitive compensation & benefits package Self-starter mindset highly appreciated. Many of our managers and professionals are from US, Canada , and China . AAGI has been and will continue to provide attractive career paths for talented and motivated people, a competitive remuneration package, and comprehensive benefits arrangement. Interested candidates are welcome to contact us at, Email : (Ms.Yan ) Please send your application letter with detailed resume in both English and Chinese . Thank you!

亚美大陆煤层气有限公司 (Asian American Gas, Inc., AAGI) 是个年轻、有活力、快速发展的公司。它的前身, CBM Energy Associates 于 1994 年进入中国,先后在中国山西、中国东北等地区进行煤层气勘探、开发和运营,并在该领域做出了较突出的成绩。 在煤层气开发和利用以及瓦斯综合治理等方面,亚美大陆业已取得了若干业内知名业绩,如 在 2004 年 10 月底,在中国首次试验 MLD (多分支水平井)技术获得圆满成功 ,目前还保持着中国日产气的最高纪录。我们正在并将继续加大煤层气项目的投资,以及项目运营和管理方面的深度和广度。 亚美大陆煤层气公司由美国及亚洲几家主要的能源公司和金融投资机构联合组建,旨在中国开发煤层气和等项目的 投资、开发、生产、销售、管理。 亚美大陆坚持诚信为本,开放负责,求同存异,用户至尊的原则,致力于在中国建立和经营世界一流的、安全、高效,且对环境负责的煤层气和煤炭企业,为投资人创造优异回报,关心员工工作和发展,并为中国煤层气和煤炭工业的改革和发展做出自己的贡献。 亚美大陆目前的管理团队和员工来自美国、加拿大及中国。 AAGI 一直致力于为优秀人才提供有发展、有挑战和人尽其才的工作环境 ,注重在培养员工专业技能或管理素质方面的投入,并为其提供具有市场竞争力的、完备的薪酬福利制度。

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